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Products and Applications

Lamda – Large aperture MEMS scanner module for 3D distance measurement 222k

Laser Projection Module 171k

MEMS-based Endo-Microscope 170k

Evaluation Kit for Quasi-static MEMS Scanners 0.28 MB

Driving Electronics for the Evaluation of 1D and 2D resonant MEMS Scanners 0.29 MB

LDC (Light Deflection Cube) – 1D Scanner Module 236k

Two-Dimensional MEMS Scanning Mirrors for Security and Robotics 0.39 MB

External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser with scanning MOEMS grating 0.16 MB


Resonant Microscanners 290k

VarioS® – Microscanner construction kit 261k

Translatory MEMS mirror with extraordinary large stroke (pump mode) 268k

LinScan Microscanners 0.3 MB

Micro-Scanning Mirrors for High-Power Applications in Laser Surgery 0.62 MB


MEMS Technologies Dresden 413k

Watch our 1D and 2D scanner mirrors
in action.

Vibrating mirror illuminated with strobe light.

Resonant and quasi-static MEMS scanner in action.

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