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to the Fraunhofer IPMS Scanner-Configurator

The VarioS®-Microscanner-configurator may be used to easily configure microscanner-demonstrators, with individual properties from a defined design space, based on the VarioS®-Microscanner-construction-kit. According to verified results, demonstrators may be chosen from over 150 fabricated designs or be fabricated with a modular or semicustomized fabrication option. Finally a quotation for a chosen design can be requested from Fraunhofer IPMS.

Introduction to Fraunhofer IPMS VarioS®-Microscanners

VarioS in DIL Package Fraunhofer IPMS, as a German public research institute, has a long and successful track record of developing and fabricating highly miniaturized, resonantly operated MEMS-Scanners. These so-called microscanners feature large deflection angles and low power consumption. 1D and 2D scanning devices are built from single crystalline silicon with a qualified, fully CMOS compatible bulk micromachining process.

Fraunhofer IPMS microscanners are suitable for a broad range of applications, are very reliable, robust, and even withstand accelerations of more then 2500 g. With more then 150 fabricated designs Fraunhofer IPMS possesses extensive experience in fabricating microscanners.

The Fraunhofer IPMS is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge from research and development to industrial and consumer applications. The Fraunhofer IPMS enables its customers to enter the market on time.Typical entrance barriers for microscanner-based applications as high costs and long lead times to obtain a demonstrator can be omitted by using the VarioS®-System.

Additional Fraunhofer IPMS Services

Wafer Fraunhofer IPMS offers various scientific, engineering and technological services from the field of optics, microtechnology and system design. For additional information on our MOEMS and microscanner capabilities please consult the Fraunhofer IPMS website or contact members of our scientific staff using the customer service email form.

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